HTML5 & CSS3 Training Course / HTML 5 Best Training in Bangalore

What you will learn

  • New Elements in HTML5
  • Embedding rich content in HTML5
  • Hands-on with Canvas
  • Web Forms

Who should attend

Developers who need to get up to speed with the powerful new features in HTML5 in order to create rich interfaces and functionality in their web and mobile apps.


Experience of web development with HTML 4 and CSS. Some knowledge of JavaScript would be beneficial.

HTML5 Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to HTML5

Overview of HTML5 New Features
Background and purpose of HTML5
The W3C and WHATWG specifications
Feature detection using Modernizr
HTML5 examples

Creating HTML5 Pages

Semantic mark-up tags
Additional tags and attributes
Form handling
The Selector API
Accessibility and Aria

Layout and Design with CSS3

Setting out with CSS3
Controlling Page Layout
Backgrounds, borders, colours, and text
CSS3 Selectors
Using Web Fonts
Media queries

CSS3 Transformations and Animations

Key-frame Animations

HTML5 Communications API

Key principles
Cross-document Messaging
AJAX essentials
Using XMLHttpRequest Level 2

HTML 5 Web Storage API

Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
Understanding the Web Storage API
Listening for storage events
Working Offline / Asynchronously


HTML5 and Graphics
Introduction to Canvas
Using canvas
Using SVG

Web Workers

Overview of Web Workers
Using the Web Workers API

HTML5 Web Sockets

Introduction to HTML5 Web Sockets
Defining a Web Sockets Server
Defining a Web Sockets client

HTML5 Audio & Video

Overview of HTML5 rich media
Playing video files
Playing audio files

HTML5 File-Handling Methods

HTML5 databases

Intro to Mobile Development with HTML5

Getting started with HTML5 Mobile
Creating a Mobile User Interface
Managing Data
UI behaviours and User eXperience Best Practices