Human Computer Interaction Course

About this course

This Course is designed to teach the basics with an easy process to follow, In this course, you will learn how to design that bring people joy, rather than frustration.


Learn the methods and concepts of analyzing user-centered requirements which are the basis for designing Apps and Web sites that make sense to the user.

Pre requisite

There are no prerequisites to this course whatsoever! You do not need to know how to program.

Lecture 1: Introduction

1.1 Human-Computer Interaction

1.2 The Birth of HCI

1.3 Principles of Interaction design

1.4 Usability rules & Principles

Lecture 2: Need finding

2.1 Participant Observation

2.2 Interviewing

2.3 Additional Need finding

Lecture 3: Rapid Prototyping

3.1 Paper Prototyping and Mockups

3.2 Inspiration board

3.3 Point of view

3.4 Story Board

3.4 Creating and Comparing Alternatives

3.5 Information Architecture

3.6 Card sorting

Lecture 4: Heuristic Evaluation

41 Heuristic Evaluations

4.2 Peer Reviews

4.3 User testing

Lecture 5: Visual Design

5.1 Visual Design

5.2 Typography

5.3 Grids and Alignment