JavaScript Training Course

What you will learn

  • JavaScript language & syntax
  • Document & Browser Object Models
  • Event-driven programming with JavaScript
  • Variables & Scope
  • Scripting Forms
  • Error handling & Debugging
  • Overview of Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript
  • Overview of AJAX, JSON & jQuery

Who should attend

Web Developers who need to get to grips with the fundamentals of client-side scripting using JavaScript, in order to improve the functionality of user interfaces, web forms, controls and so forth. Also suitable for people who want to go on to learn more about AJAX or jQuery.


Delegates should be comfortable with HTML4 and some CSS. Knowledge of XML would be useful, as would experience in any other programming language (but these are not mandatory).

Web Development with JavaScript Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to JavaScript

Architecture of a Web application;
Core Web technologies;
DOM scripting and AJAX;
Cross-browser compatibility

JavaScript Essential Syntax

Declaring variables and arrays
Using operators and expressions
Loops and decision-making constructs
JavaScript Functions
Alert, confirmation and prompt boxes
Regular expressions

JavaScript Objects

Overview of objects
The Object type
Extending,modifying, and deleting an object
Inheriting properties and methods
Cascading methods
Using predefined objects
Manipulating arrays
Creating new object types

Web Forms with JavaScript

Overview of HTML forms
Accessing elements in a form
Validating user input
UX considerations

Managing Images with JavaScript

Treating images as objects
Rollovers / Mouseovers
Loading images efficiently

Window and Document Management

Interacting with the browser
Managing windows
Interacting with the status bar
Using timeouts, frames, and cookies
Managing documents
Detecting nodes
Searching for nodes
Adding content to the page

Advanced Event Handling

The core event model
Understanding the Event object
Event propagation
Cross-browser events

JavaScript & CSS:

Types of style sheets
Modifying styles of an element
CSS and positioning
Object models for DHTML

Overview of AJAX

Creating an XMLHttpRequest object
Interacting with a server
Handling XML and JSON responses
Updating the user interface