jQuery Mobile Training Course

What you will learn

  • Getting and using jQuery Mobile
  • The jQuery Mobile API – key features
  • Event Handling
  • UI Design & Layout
  • Accessibility considerations
  • jQuery Mobile Theme framework
  • Supported platforms
  • Graceful degradation

Who should attend

Web and mobile developers who want to leverage the lightweight but extremely capable functionality found in jQuery Mobile.


Delegates should ideally have attended our JavaScript training course, and optionally our jQuery training course, or have equivalent commercial development experience.

jQuery Mobile training course syllabus

Introduction to jQuery Mobile

Brief history of JavaScript and the jQuery library
How to get jQuery Mobile
Current platform support

Getting started with the jQuery Mobile API

jQuery Mobile page structure
Ajax-driven page navigation
Links, back-links & directories –  do’s & don’ts

jQuery Mobile Touch Events

Touch types & gestures
Screen Orientation
Page initialisation events
Showing / hiding events

jQuery Mobile Layout

Breakpoint Classes – min / max width
Media Query Helper Classes
CSS Media Queries

Building a slick look and feel with jQuery Mobile Methods

Pages & dialogs
Buttons & toolbars
Formatting content
Forms & passing data
Page transitions
Navigation effects

Managing Themes in jQuery Mobile

Colour Swatches
Icon sets
Using CSS3 properties

  • Colour / shade gradient fills
  • Rounded edges
  • Shadows

Customising your jQuery Mobile theme

  • Page theme
  • Content theme
  • Button theme
  • Toolbar theme
  • List theme
  • Form theme

Accessibility considerations & graceful degradation

Testing your code on B- and C-grade browsers