jQuery Training Course

What you will learn

  • How to obtain and use the jQuery library
  • Manipulating the DOM with jQuery
  • jQuery Callbacks
  • jQuery Animations & Effects

Who should attend

Web developers who need to get to grips with key jQuery functionality in order to develop rich interactive web applications.


Experience of coding in HTML and JavaScript – please contact us if you’re unsure.

jQuery Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery and JavaScript
jQuery and AJAX
Flavours of jQuery
Consistent UX with jQuery
Obtaining / Accessing the jQuery library

The jQuery Event Model

Binding event handlers
Removing event handlers
User Interface / Mouse events
Event Manipulation Methods

jQuery Selectors

Identifying DOM elements
Constructing jQuery Selectors
Basic CSS selectors
Positional selectors
Custom jQuery selectors
Chaining jQuery operations
Escaping meta-characters
The ready() handler

Tweaking DOM objects with jQuery

Getting objects by ID, Class, Tag
Modifying object and attributes on-the-fly
Changing an object’s Inner Text
Styles and CSS Classes
Handling Events with jQuery

jQuery and AJAX calls

Using the ajax() API
Loading data with GET & POST
Working with JSON data
Serialising your form handling with serialize()
Handling a completed AJAX request
Security considerations

Making it all look good with jQuery

Simple jQuery animations

  • Sliding
  • Easing
  • Fading
  • Toggling

Dealing with Durations
Creating custom jQuery animations
Binding animations to Events & Callbacks

Intro to jQuery Mobile

Overview of jQuery
Touch-optimized layouts & UI widgets