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Robotium Automated Mobile Testing Training / Robotium Training in Bangalore

Getting Started with Robotium

  • Robotium framework
  • Features and benefits
  • Setting up an Android environment
  • Requirements
  • Downloading the Android SDK
  • Installing ADT
  • Adding the Android SDK location
  • Installing the latest SDK version
  • Setting up the AVD

Creating a Test Project Using Robotium

  • Creating the AUT
  • Creating a test project
  • Creating a test case
  • Adding the Robotium library
  • Adding the package name in AndroidManifest.xml
  • Robotium’s test case code
  • Running the test case

Web Support in Robotium

  • API set
  • Hybrid test example

Comparison with Other Frameworks

  • MonkeyRunner
  • Robolectric
  • UI Automator
  • Calabash

Remote Control in Robotium

  • Software Automation Framework Support
  • Working of a Remote Control for Android
  • Robotium Remote Control using SAFS

Other Robotium Utilities

  • The RobotiumUtils class
  • API set
  • XPath API and syntax
  • Robotium for pre-installed applications
  • Test for only APK
  • Signature process

Robotium with Maven

  • Automate Android app built with Maven
  • Maven features
  • Setting up Android SDK and ADT
  • Setting up the environment PATH for Android Tools
  • Build Android tests using Maven