Core Backbone.js Training

Core Backbone.js Training


  • Understand how client-side JavaScript MVC applications are designed and implemented
  • Learn the infrastructure that Backbone relies upon
  • Learn the elements and patterns which Backbone provides for building MVC applications
  • Look at options an best practices for organizing code and getting the most out of Backbone
  • Learn about integrating server data, deployment, and testing


  • Solid knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Some familiarity with CSS
  • Some familiarity with the MVC design pattern (from client, server, desktop, or mobile apps)

Review of OO / Advanced JavaScript

Review of jQuery

  • DOM, AJAX, Events, Promises/Deferreds

Introduction To Client-Side MVC


  • Models, Views, Controllers, Templates, Events

Introducing Backbone.js

  • Infrastructure
    • underscore, inheritance, mixins
  • Views and DOM events
  • Templates
  • Models
  • Collections
  • Event-based designs
  • Routing: Control-flow and history

Working with the server

Modular development

Extensions and helpers

Best practices and tools

Testing approaches with Backbone.js