iOS App Development Training

iOS App Development Training

Learn the Basics of iOS App Development with Objective-C

  • Basic Objective-C Syntax – Numbers, Variables, Strings
  • If / Else Statements, Ternary Operator, Equality
  • Loops, Arrays, Dictionaries, Simple data types vs. Objects
  • Properties and Scope


I. App Creation Basics

  • Exploring Xcode’s workspace
  • Working with Interface Builder and the Objects Library
  • Understanding View Hierarchy
  • Creating a “Hello World” App
  • Creating a “Log-In” App
  • Creating a Custom Icon for your App
  • Creating a Custom Splash/Launch screen for your App

II. Working with Outlets, Actions, and Views

  • Understanding the difference between Outlets and Actions
  • Working with TextFields, Switches, Buttons, Sliders, Labels, and more
  • Creating Views Purely from Code
  • Mixing Methodologies

III. Understanding Storyboards, View-Controllers, and Application Templates

  • The Single View template
  • Exploring the App Delegate Files
  • Creating and Adding new View Controllers
  • Understanding the View Life-Cycle
  • Transitioning between Multiple View Controllers with Animations
  • Using the Tab-Bar Application Template
  • Using the Master-Detail Application Template

IV. Using TableViews

  • Understanding the UITableView and UITableViewCell Classes
  • The UITableView DataSource and Delegate
  • TableView/TableViewCell Properties: Header, Footer, Height, Fonts, Images, AccessoryTypes and more
  • The Master-Detail Template
  • Drill-Down Menus and Navigation to other Views
  • Data-Persistence using Property-Lists
  • Creating Multi-Section Tables

V. Data Persistence – Storing Files on your Device

  • Overview of an iOS App’s File Structure
  • Reading and Writing Files to the Device
  • Creating and Modifying Property Lists
  • Bundling Files and Resources with Apps

VI. Working with Databases

  • Importing the sqlite3 Library
  • Creating an SQLite Database, writing Tables, Inserting Records into Tables
  • Reading and Displaying Database Data in Apps
  • Bundling a Database with your App
  • Checking for Existence of Databases on Devices

VIII. Web-Services

  • Consuming an XML Web-Service in an iPhone App
  • Parsing XML
  • Consuming a JSON Web Service
  • Parsing JSON

IX. Collection Views

  • Displaying data in Collection Views
  • Creating custom Collection View Cells
  • Custom Transitions in Collection Views

X. Picker Views

  • Displaying data in Picker Views
  • Creating Multiple Components in Picker Views
  • Customizing Components
  • Using the Date Picker

XI. Working with Maps & Location Services

  • Using the MapKit and UIMapView
  • Getting & Displaying User Location
  • Getting Directional Information
  • Displaying Map Annotations
  • Displaying Disclosure Buttons on Annotations
  • Performing Reverse GeoCoding